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Stretching for Life

August 23, 2010

It is never too late to start stretching.

Unfortunately, as we age, we tend to grow stiffer, less limber and less flexible, which can cause muscle tension, joint pain, coordination problems, and a variety of other ailments.

Therefore, everyone needs to stretch on a daily basis, even if their goal for the future is merely to stay as flexible as they are today.

By maintaining a simple daily stretching routine, we can preserve or increase the flexibility of our muscles in the future. Why should you stretch? A good stretching routine will help relax both your body and your mind; it will help decrease muscle tension, increase your level of coordination and range of motion, reduce joint pain, muscle cramps and decrease the chance of injury.

When should you stretch? Anytime is a good time to stretch. However, it is best to do a general stretch routine in both the morning and evening. Specific stretches pertaining to a particular area of your

body should be performed before and after any physical activity. For example,stretch your neck, shoulders, arms and hands while you are working on your computer. By performing these simple

stretches while working on the computer, your muscles will not stiffen up and become tight as a result of the continuous muscle contraction involved in typing, using the mouse, etc. Specific stretches should not, however,replace your general, twice a day, stretch routine How should you stretch? Before stretching, warm up briefly (i.e. jumping in place).



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Better Posture – Better Health
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