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But I’m not in pain, so why worry?

Like tooth decay, damage to your spine can develop painlessly until it irritates a nerve. The bad news is that once the damage has occurred, it will always be there. Now for the good news: maintaining good posture habits will slow the rate of degeneration and protect the as yet unharmed areas.This real life example shows how a simple postural problem such as a forward head carriage can lead to severe joint and nerve damage.

A. In this X-ray (right), notice how the forward angle of the neck has increased pressure on the front neck bones.

B. These bones have developed spurs.

This MRI (below right) of the same person was taken at the same time as the X-ray and shows a cross section of the same neck area.

C. The bones of the neck (vertebrae) are visibly compressing the front of the discs.

D. The discs in turn are displaced backwards, compressing the spinal cord.

To Do List

1. Do the ManubriumLift®.
2. Download free spinal exercises here.
3. Invest in posture-friendly products (posture kit).
4. Get your posture checked by a professional without delay.
5. Please share this information with everyone you care about, and help DrPosture® to introduce the ManubriumLift® to the world!

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